Nannorrhops ritchiana

Mazari Palm

Over the past few years, this blue/silver leaved Nannorrhops ritchiana has proved to be one of the most valuable additions to the range of cold hardy palms. Single trunked/clumping palm from South Pakistan and Iran with very stiff and thick, exotic blue/silver leaves. Threatened in its native habitat, where the leaves are used for basket making, it thrives in the tropics as well as in temperate areas, and with good drainage even in wetter regions.

In winter, if kept dry, it will resist temperatures as low as about -10C. It prefers full sun in a well drained position. Hardy, tolerates severe drought conditions, as well as extremes of cold and heat.
HardinessProtect below -7°c
WateringLikes dry conditions
SunPrefers sunny conditions
Comes fromSouth Pakistan, Iran

Nannorrhops ritchiana
Tot. height: 120-150cm, trunk: 20-30cm, pot: ø70, Pallet delivery.  € 189.95
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