Codiaeum variegatum 'Mrs Iceton'

Wondertree Croton

The Croton houseplant (Codiaeum) Mrs. Iceton is a colourful houseplant with a tough appearance and a nice slender leaf. This plant will suit any interior and provides the necessary colour at home with its variegated leaves. Always place Croton (Codiaeum) Mrs. Iceton in light or full sun and you will see that this colourful houseplant brings a high ornamental value to your home.

This beautiful shrub is a leaf plant from Southeast Asia. There are different types of Codiaeum. The plant has a real 'presence' and your home will not be boring!

The bushes have different leaf patterns. The coloured leaf edges are veined or spotted. The leaf colours can vary from orange, pink and yellow to a combination of these colours with green.
HardinessIndoor plant
WateringKeep well watered
SunPrefers sunny conditions

Codiaeum variegatum
Tot. height: 90+cm, 3 kilograms. braided 12 trunks € 49.95 - 60% = € 19.95
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